Friday, August 10, 2007

Too Silent on Social Security

Kudos to Sen. Hillary Clinton for being the first presidential candidate to remind everyone about the continuing privatization threat to Social Security. Here is her answer to a pension question posed at the August 7th Democratic Candidates Forum in Chicago:

Clinton: “The pension system is broken. We’ve got to stop companies going into bankruptcy in order to get rid of theirpension responsibilities(Cheers, applause.) We have to have defined benefits pension plans again. We’ve got to make sure that nobody ever tries to privatize Social Security, something that
I’ve fought tooth and nail with many of you to prevent.”

While the Iraq war, healthcare and the economy have dominated presidential talking points so far, we certainly hope more candidates will remember that it wasn’t that long ago when Social Security was literally under attack by those who’ve never believed in the value of social insurance.

The privatization Social Security and Medicare is a core values debate which we hope more presidential candidates will take on in their campaigns.

MSNBC has video of the Chicago forum and the New York Times has the full transcript.

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Rhea said...

Absolutely. What is government for if it does nothing to aid its most vulnerable people.