Friday, August 17, 2007

Let’s Set the Record Straight

Ask Mary Jane, NCPSSM Contributor: Mary Jane Yarrington, Senior Policy Analyst

It’s been said a “lie told often enough becomes the truth”. How sadly true, especially for those determined to convince future generations that Social Security just won’t be there for them. Not a day goes by that I don’t see the same old myths about Social Security appear in news articles, speeches by elected leaders (who should know better) and seniors who’ve been scared by these malicious myths. For the next few days I’ll offer some Social Security Myth-busting…Mary Jane style.

“Members of Congress don’t contribute to Social Security”…Wrong

Congress got the message years ago and since 1983 all members of Congress, Executive Office appointees, the President, Vice President , the federal Judiciary and newly hired federal employees have been paying into Social Security. Unfortunately, here we are 24 years later and some just won’t let this one go (even though it’s just not true).

All Federal employees, including Members of Congress, pay the same FICA payroll tax as anyone else. Upon retirement, disability or death, Social Security benefits for a Member of Congress or his or her dependents is determined under the same rules and by the same calculations as any other worker who contributed to Social Security.

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