Thursday, March 27, 2008

Starving Social Security

Just when you think conservatives might have run out of new ways to destroy Social Security, columnist Robert Novak joins the discussion today urging Presidential candidate John McCain to cut the payroll tax. How ironic that just two days after all the political posturing by the administration and conservatives on the Hill about the need to reform entitlements to “save” Social Security, Novak now reports that one McCain advisor says it’s “not a big deal” to cut the very revenue needed to fund benefits for millions of retirees.

Senator McCain has already supported taking money out of Social Security to fund private accounts, which endanger the program enough, now conservatives want even starve Social Security until it finally succumbs. Novak says: “

Cutting the payroll tax, which funds Social Security, would not be easy but would offer a rich economic prize in this lean Republican year.”

Really? A rich economic prize for whom? Certainly not the 34 million retirees and their families who need Social Security and will see the program starved in this never-ending quest for fiscally irresponsible tax cuts.

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