Wednesday, February 13, 2008

President Signs Stimulus Bill

So now what? The Internal Revenue Service will deliver rebate checks to those who qualify, starting in May. For the vast majority of Americans, they just need to file their usual 2007 tax return. But it could be a little trickier for some Social Security recipients and disabled veterans who wouldn’t normally file a tax return. They’ll need to file this year, even if they don’t owe any tax, to ensure they hit IRS’s radar. According to the IRS:

The IRS and Treasury will be working closely with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Social Security Administration along with beneficiary organizations to ensure that all eligible individuals know what to do to receive a stimulus payment.

The stimulus legislation also provided $31 million in addition funding to the Social Security Administration to provide staff and training to help seniors navigate the stimulus process.

The CCH group is a tax analysis firm which has provided a detailed description of the stimulus rebate and how the checks will be calculated. The Treasury Department also has a Fact Sheet describing the distribution formulas.

Unfortunately, scammers have already found a way to try and take advantage of seniors through a phone and email scam using the rebate at bait. The IRS never sends unsolicited emails and isn’t offering check “advances” so the IRS warns seniors to beware.

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