Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Thank You...Thank You Very Much

The Association of Marketing & Communications Professionals has honored the National Committee’s website and blog for outstanding achievement among public service and charitable organizations. “Entitled to Know” received MarCom’s Gold Award and the redesigned website received an Honorable Mention.

As baby-boomers age and an increasing number of older Americans turn to the internet for their news and information, the need for thorough and thoughtful analysis on issues affecting seniors is also growing.

That’s why, as the nation’s leading advocate for strengthening Social Security and Medicare for future generations, the National Committee launched it’s blog “Entitled to Know” earlier in 2007 to positive reviews from senior bloggers:

“I write about these issues frequently, but I can’t keep up as thoroughly and with as much detail as the people who write for this blog. I urge you to bookmark “entitled to know”. It’s important stuff you need to know”...Ronni Bennett, Time Goes By
The National Committee’s website also continues its tradition of providing detailed briefing papers, policy analysis, and advocacy tools to help seniors understand the issues and communicate their positions directly to their elected leaders on Capitol Hill. The Wall Street Journal has recognized the National Committee’s “Ask Mary Jane” advice column as “the best source of help for questions about Social Security”.

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