Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is a Debate to Watch

Two key House Committees are debating important "CHAMP" legislation which reauthorizes and improves the State Children’s Health Insurance program while also making desperately needed reforms to the Medicare Modernization Act of 2003, including the elimination of Medicare Advantage subsidies to private insurers.

This is very important legislation for seniors and children alike. You can watch the House Energy and Commerce Committtee hearing mark-up of this bill live at 11:30am and the House Ways & Means Committee at 1:00pm.

The House Ways & Means Committee has also created two wonderful "Truth Squad" reports which provide the facts about this legislation which you won't hear from tobacco companies afraid a tax might limit their sales and insurers worried about losing billions in subsidies. Here's the Tobacco Tax Truth Report and the Rural Care Truth Report on what this legislation really means for rural beneficiaries currently being targeted by an industry scare campaign which is threatening a loss of healthcare in rural America.

This is a critical debate for the future of healthcare of young and old alike. If Congress can't manage to do the right thing for seniors and can't help but wonder how urgent system-wide reform will be possible.

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