Wednesday, May 23, 2007

When Reading the Paper Makes Us Angry...

...We sit down to write. However, before even getting our post together this morning we found Dean Baker's reaction to the same two articles, one in the Washington Post and the other in USA Today. Dean is an economist with the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington.

Today he offers an excellent description of how often the mainstream media repeats this administration's spoon-fed assertions on Social Security as if they're incontrovertible facts. These articles perpetuate the phony crisis mantra first started (and rejected)in the privatization push two years ago and the "greedy geezer" myth used to fuel inter-generational warfare as part of a build-up to benefit cuts.

We know that writing about Social Security can be pretty dry stuff; however, this program is too important to the millions of Americans and their families who depend on it to live, to have reporters merely repeating political pablum rather than reporting the facts.

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