Sunday, February 25, 2007

Fiscal Wake-up Tour

Here's a letter to the editor Barbara wrote after reading the Boston Globe editorial on the "Fiscal Wake-up Tour".

Fiscal priorities
February 25, 2007

If we're really going to have an "honest discussion" about our nation's current budget mess, as suggested in Scot Lehigh's Feb. 16 op-ed, "Fiscal wake-up tour's inconvenient truth," those leading the discussion should be honest about their ultimate goals.

Contrary to claims by Comptroller General David Walker and conservative think-tankers, Social Security and Medicare are not responsible for our budget deficit. President Bush inherited a surplus and a Social Security trust fund built up in preparation for baby boomers' retirement. Six years later, after billions in tax cuts, an unfunded war, and a Republican-led Congress that followed the president's "borrow and spend" lead, we now face record deficits. Washington will have to make difficult choices to repair the fiscal damage. But serious healthcare reform and strengthening Social Security should be the priorities, not destroying these successful programs that are critical to any strong industrialized nation.

The writer is CEO of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare.

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